Mental Health and Character Enhancement Counseling

As a Professional Mental Health Counselor, I provide online and local counseling services for girls, young adults and women. Helping them to discover character traits within themselves that will establish their desired outcomes for a successful life.

Along with my team of professionals, we provide counseling tools to enhance our clients’ mental and emotional awareness, for wellness outcomes. Helping them to identify the roadblocks that can, or have kept them from their restoration and recovery from trauma and feelings of hopelessness.

Our Services

Educational and Career Counseling

Forgiveness Therapy

Stress Management and Personal Development

Specialty: Empowering Girls to have dignity
Consultation: Free
$55.00 1/2 hour and $65.00 hour

Our Therapeutic Approach – Cognitive Therapy. Our sessions will primarily focus on a
persons’ thought processes, in hopes of identifying and discovering problematic
patterns of negative thinking. We can then assist our clients with cognitive
restructuring. In hopes of them to obtaining a productive and enriching lifestyle.

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