WOGBE has implemented training programs and classes at Bennett High School. Their programs have proven to be successful due in a large part to the academic and behavioral mentors who helped the students be accountable. Teachers report that the students that have enrolled in the program have less behavioral issues and are more engaged in class.

WOGBE has demonstrated that when given the chance they can be helpful in providing the wrap around services that are necessary for Buffalo students to succeed. Unlike other programs, WOGBE not only has academic mentoring, they also have a character mentoring component as well that engages parents, school staff, professionals and the community.


Honorable Crystal D. People-Stokes
NYS Assembly Majority Leader
141st District

Character building plays an integral role in the development of solid personal and professional foundations, abundant in ethics, morality and values. This life subject matter is absent from the curriculums of educational institutions. I have attended the character education ceremonies at Bennett High School; and witnessed first-hand the remarkable work being done with young people through the World of Boys and Girls Empowerment, Mentorship Company, Inc.

In today’s fast-paced world, peer pressure, media influence, competitive school, work environments, and family support, are all factors whose changing dynamics can threaten the future success of our young people. The World of Girls and Boys character education classes prepares young people to overcome these potential obstacles, and works to ensure they are equipped to achieve at their highest levels of respective potential.


Betty Jean Grant
Chair of the Erie County Legislature
2nd District Legislator

Burgard High School worked informally with Pastor Terri Ann during the 2009-2010 school year. Her personal contribution, mini sessions and counseling initiatives have had a positive impact on our female student population.


Florence S. Krieter
Principal, Burgard High School

Students who are at risk have some common challenges, included in these challenges are attendance, respect for authority, lack of personal identity and lack of understanding social norms. The WOGBE program identifies students at risk and provides training, mentoring and support to help students develop character and social skills.

Students have demonstrated positive academic growth over the course of the program. I have enjoyed the interactions that I have had with my students in the program and appreciate their willingness to cooperate while in my classroom. Student attendance is increased by this program and student behavior has been improved so students remain in class and function in the desired role.

I would highly recommend the implementation of this program in any school or district where students at risk attend.


Carl Bish
Science Teacher
Bennett High School

Florence S. Krieter
Principal, Burgard High School

The World of Girls and Boys Empowerment program at Bennett High School has been successfully mentoring our students for two years. Students participating in the program exhibit better behavior and are more involved in their education since their participation in the program.


Clare M. BurmeierEnglish Teacher
Bennett High School

As a teacher, I have come across many challenging students. There are a great amount of these children who carry baggage to school with them. It can be trouble at home, depression and/or other mental health issues, or even issues with peers inside of the school. With these issues comes the inability to focus at times inside of the classroom, acting out, being disrespectful towards their peers, the teacher or even themselves. This in turn causes the entire class to be disruptive at times and leads to the injustice of many students gaining a solid education.

With the help of the World of Girls and Boys Empowerment program ran by Pastor Terri Ann, the students have an outlet to not only channel their problems, but also learn the skills to handle themselves in the world. I have personally seen an improvement in the character of A____ (name withheld for privacy). A____ would be an aggressor, hyper-active and refuse to do any work in my class. He is now able to compose himself in a positive manner with a few reminders. D_________ would seclude herself and refuse to work. She has now made two friends and recently scored a perfect score on a test. J______ was disrespectful towards me and other students, she would shout out negative statements. She is now, for the most part, acting appropriately and is passing the class.


Mrs. Lisa WellsbyGlobal 9 Teacher
Bennett High School

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