World of Girls and Boys Leadership

Our mission is to teach, train and develop our youth and young adults to be successful leaders,
displaying good character traits. While helping them to refine their talents and personal skills.

The purpose of WOGBL is for members to make a positive impact within their schools, colleges and their place of employment.

WOGBL Programs Include:

Suspension & Probation Rehabilitation and Prevention Programs – For students who have been dismissed from school, college or on the job. Our training classes prepares them for re-equipping them with the necessary skills to make a positive difference upon their return.

Enrollment Cost – $300 per person, short term. $400 per person, long term.

Summer Leadership Character Camp Course – To prepare students for the following school year. Provides skills training and confidence building through fun character building conditioning activities.

Tuition – $90 per person 3 week class

Saturday Character Leadership Training Classes – Provides character and self- awareness attributes. Helping clients to discover their strengths for building their personal selves, and figuring out how they can make a difference at their local schools.

Tuition – $100 per person, 4 week class
Talent Refinement Training Classes – Helping clients to discover their talents. Providing training classes to refine their talents. While building confidence and personal self – profiles.
Tuition $700 per year

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Are you interested in bringing the WOGBL training program to your school or youth organization? We’d love to talk with you.

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